• Image of Littlest Ginkgo Leaf Mobile
  • Image of Littlest Ginkgo Leaf Mobile
  • Image of Littlest Ginkgo Leaf Mobile

My studio looks out onto a beautiful young ginkgo tree that I planted several years ago. This is an ancient species that has been around for 270 millions years and has been used for centuries for health remedies.
Every autumn I collect some of the golden fallen leaves and place them in my flower press.
The plywood leaves in this mobile are exact replicas of some of my pressed leaves, but made bigger!
All of the laser cutting is done in a local studio in Chum Creek using 3mm, hardwood plywood, salvaged from factory off-cuts.
I designed the circular 'hanger' in two parts so that coloured beads could be sandwiched between the pieces, giving the mobile a tiny bit of colour.
Every mobile is unique and hand constructed by me in my studio. Wire lengths and bead colours may vary. (Please indicate colour or size preferences if you know what you are after.)
The mobile comes in three sizes. Each size has a different diameter 'hanger', leaf size and wire length. Every mobile features six leaves.
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The Littlest Ginkgo Leaf mobile measures 65cm in length from the hanging circle.
Each leaf measures roughly 14cm accross
The diameter of the hanging circle is 17cm

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