I am an artist, freelance florist, gardener, general maker and mother living in a little house in the Yarra Valley, Australia.

Drawing inspiration from my surrounds which include my garden, the forest and the wild and domestic animals that live around me, I paint, draw, stitch, sculpt and design.

Our family love to be in the garden. We grow a lot of food including fruit and vegetables, eggs, herbs and honey. I designed our garden to not only be productive have to also have an abundance of flowers, enough to be be able to pick a posy every day of the year and a place that our children can disappear into. 

 I am drawn towards the untamed, unusual and old fashioned plants that we have growing. In this garden of fruit trees, clematis and roses, behind velvety salvia and giant grasses, beyond the chook house and wood pile sits my small studio. It is a handmade room, made out of salvaged materials. In here I sit each day making. 

This shop not only gives me the opportunity to sell my creations, but also shows people what I make from one small studio in a backyard in Australia.

Thank you for visiting my little Big Cartel shop. I hope you like what you find.