Aqua Shelf Fungi Petri-dish

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I made a collection of five oversized petri-dish as part of an installation for the Melbourne International Garden Show for Emma Shepherd's garden called A Place for Us, sponsored by Open Gardens Vic.

I'm fascinated in both science and art. I love creating ecosystems, whether that be in my garden, in my many terrariums or in my art practice. I wanted to make over-sized petri dishes full of colour and life, celebrating my love for gastropods, fungi, mold and plants. By enlarging my imaginary petri-dishes, I'm giving viewers a little slice of the beauty, the interconnectedness and the strangeness of the natural world bound within a circular frame.

The installation of my petri-dishes in A Place for Us was featured on ABC's Gardening Australia on June 2nd.

Each petri-dish is created from a range of materials including a recycled wine barrel ring, plywood, acrylic paint, modelling clay sculptural slugs and fungi, varnish, silicon and living plants.

Each dish differs slightly in size and materials. (I will measure them and add dimensions. I just keep forgetting!)

They each have hanging wires attached to the back, ready to pop onto a hook or nail.

This living artwork can be hung on any covered or uncovered wall. Ideally it would be protected from hot afternoon sun. Morning sun, afternoon shade would be perfect. The plants will need water from time to time. They're all tough species I've used, but can also be changed to suit you particular climate or conditions.

Overtime this artwork will grow and change. Small invertebrates may set up home in it and real lichen might begin growing on it (wouldn't that be nice!).