Rockpool Mobile Kit of 8.


Make your own beach inspired mobile using these 8 laser cut wooden pieces and your own treasures.
Included is a blue-ringed octopus, a sea star, a weedy sea dragon, a sea urchin, a shark egg shell, neptune's necklace seaweed, a nudibranch and a cuttlefish.
Being a bit of a beach comber and a collector or bits and pieces, I imagined using broken shells, old feathers, sun bleached bones, 'pretty' plastic litter and other treasures found at the beach in your mobile.
A piece of driftwood, or simply a twig, is perfect for the support to hang everything off. And some cotton string, jute (or better still, some rescued fishing line washed up on a beach!) are all perfect to hang everything from.
Make sure not to take any living creatures or habitat shells.